Best Data Entry Jobs

Data entry professionals are responsible for using different data processing programs and computers to enter details into a documentation platform or database. In some cases, these professionals also need to transcribe information from phone conversations or recordings. The best part of a data entry job is that it takes one into different types of industries as employers across different sectors hire for these job positions. Data entry jobs are often found as the independent consultant structure, but these are also available as a freelance, part-time, or full-time position.

So, in case you have a penchant for accuracy, good keyboarding skills, and the ability to work under strict deadlines, then data entry is the right career option to choose from. And Jopostt can help you in finding out the data entry jobs in Navi Mumbai based on your skills.

How can Jobpostt help?

Jobpostt is a renowned online job portal that offers both experienced and freshers some excellent data entry job opportunities based on their skillset. Depending on the data entry job details posted by different recruiters, here we help the candidates to find the right data entry operator jobs in Navi Mumbai to work online/offline, full time/part-time, etc. All these job opportunities can give the candidates the scope to have the greatest exposure as well as the ability to work with the experts in the data entry field. Besides, here we offer the candidates all the necessary details of every job area so that they can learn and become highly competent within the shortest time possible.

Roles and responsibilities of the data entry professionals:

To be successful in getting data entry jobs in Mumbai for freshers, the candidates need to be well-versed with several things. These include:

  1. Preparing, sorting, and compiling necessary documents for data entry
  2. Verifying and logging data receipt
  3. Transcribing source data into the necessary electronic format
  4. Transferring information into computer files from paper formats by using data recorders, keyboards, or optical scanners.
  5. Verifying the data integrity by comparing it to the source documents
  6. Performing high-volume data entry with the use of a spreadsheet, data processing, database, or other important computer software.
  7. Maintaining filing systems and protecting confidential details of the customers
  8. Reviewing data for missing pages, errors, or missing details and then resolving those discrepancies
  9. Performing regular backups for data preservation
  10. Knowledge of using basic office equipment like facsimile machine, photocopy machine, etc.
  11. Responding to the requests for retrieving information from the electronic filing system or database.

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